Thomas Tanon, 12/04/2014 10:53:
[1]  (the main change in Wikibase 

Thanks. I've linked bug 54374 to bug 708.

I've written a beginning of documentation 

Thanks. I've added some more links.

I've only made the "minimal working product" yet. I hope that I'll be able (if 
it's requested and the Wikidata development team agrees) to allow to set/override links 
from wiki text (maybe using the same parser functions as for language links) and to link 
to non-Wikidata project.

Sure. Thank you very much for just getting it done after so many years of talk. ;-) Now we need to understand how we can help proceed from here.

1) Linking to non-Wikidata project is not supported natively by the extension 
yet but it's of course possible to keep JavaScript based hacks in order to add 
them to the sidebar as it have been done before (it's what is done in French 
2) It's not supported and I believe it won't supported at all because it breaks the basic 
Wikidata assumption "only one page per wiki per item".

Ok, then the question arises if the new code's class names and whatnot are compatible with the established templates, what changes are needed for the two to work together etc. Can we make this into a BetaFeature so that interested users on the dozens sites using the interproject templates can work on integration without disruption for the other users?


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