Some useful tasks that I'm looking for a way to do are:
*Anti-vandal bot (or how we can quantify an edit).
*Auto labeling for humans (That's the next task).
*Add more :)

On Sat, Mar 7, 2015 at 3:54 PM, Amir Ladsgroup <> wrote:

> Hey,
> I spent last few weeks working on this lights off [1] and now it's ready
> to work!
> Kian is a three-layered neural network with flexible number of inputs and
> outputs. So if we can parametrize a job, we can teach him easily and get
> the job done.
> For example and as the first job. We want to add P31:5 (human) to items of
> Wikidata based on categories of articles in Wikipedia. The only thing we
> need to is get list of items with P31:5 and list of items of not-humans
> (P31 exists but not 5 in it). then get list of category links in any wiki
> we want[2] and at last we feed these files to Kian and let him learn.
> Afterwards if we give Kian other articles and their categories, he
> classifies them as human, not human, or failed to determine. As test I gave
> him categories of ckb wiki (a small wiki) and worked pretty well and now
> I'm creating the training set from German Wikipedia and the next step will
> be English Wikipedia. Number of P31:5 will drastically increase this week.
> I would love comments or ideas for tasks that Kian can do.
> [1]: Because I love surprises
> [2]: "select pp_value, cl_to from page_props join categorylinks on pp_page
> = cl_from where pp_propname = 'wikibase_item';"
> Best
> --
> Amir

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