Il 20/03/2015 01:11, Amir Ladsgroup ha scritto:
OK, I have some news:
1- Today I rewrote some parts of Kian and now it automatically chooses regulation parameter (lambda), thus predictions are more accurate. I wanted to push changes to the github but It seems my ssh has issues. It'll be there soon 2- (Important) I wrote a code that can find possible mistakes in Wikidata based on Kian. The code will be in github soon. Check out this link <>. It's result from comparing French Wikipedia against Wikidata e.g. this line:
Q2994923: 1 (d), 0.257480420229 (w) [0, 0, 1, 2, 0]
1 (d) means Wikidata thinks it's a human

0.25... (w) means French Wikipedia thinks it's not a human (with 74.3% certainty)

And if you check the link you can see it's a mistake in Wikidata. Please check other results and fix them.

Tell me if you want this test to be ran from another language too.

3- I used Kian to import unconnected pages from French Wikipedia and created about 1900 items. The result is here <> and please check if anything in this list is not human and tell me and I run some error analysis.

Unfortunately, some files seem to have been published with the wrong character encoding.
E.g. the first name shows up as "Échécrate" in my browsers.
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