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Hey folks :)

Here's your summary of what happened around Wikidata over the last week.

  Events <>/Press/Blogs

  * Wikidata was presented at a Swedish Linked Data Network Meet-up
    in Gothenburg.
  * The most important Wikipedia pages

  Other Noteworthy Stuff

  * P107 (main type)
    is finally orphaned and deleted, 20 months after deprecation. This
    was the first property used 1000000 times.
  * The royal baby <> was
    quickly updated on Wikidata. (her family tree
  * New tool by Magnus: Find pictures on, upload them
    to Commons and add them to Wikidata
  * All Van Gogh Museum paintings are now on Commons and Wikidata. Go
    go SumOfAllPaintings peeps!
  * List of topics with links in at least X Wikipedias
  * All French Senators matched using MixNMatch

  Did you know?

  * Newest properties: represented by
    <>, Netflix Identifier
    <>, maximum number of
    players <>, minimum
    number of players <>,
    CERL ID <>, Name
    Assigning Authority Number
    <>, Hall of Valor ID
    <>, ballots cast
    <>, eligible voters
    <>, catholic-hierarchy
    diocese ID <>,
    Wikidata example geographic coordinates
    <>, Wikidata example
    monolingual text <>,
    Wikidata example property
    <>, Wikidata example
    quantity <>, Wikidata
    example time <>,
    Wikidata example URL
    <>, Wikidata example
    item value <>,
    Wikidata example string
    <>, Wikidata example
    media file <>,
    Wikidata property example


  * We rolled out usage tracking on the first two wikis (French
    Wikisource and Dutch Wikipedia). Users should not notice anything.
    More wikis will follow in the next weeks. This is the remaining
    step for enabling arbitrary access on wikis other than Commons.
  * The students team is working hard to get a first release of the
    improved constraint reports and checks against 3rd party databases
  * Ricordisamoa fixed the issue with long descriptions being cut off.

Actually Thiemo did the most of it ;)
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