Am 15.05.2015 um 01:11 schrieb John Erling Blad:
> How do we go from a spelled form of a lexeme at Wiktionary and to an
> identifier on Wikidata? 

What do you mean by "go to"? And what do you mean by "identifier on Wikidata" -
Items, Lexemes, Senses, or Forms?

Generally, Wiktionary currently combines words with the same rendering from
different languages on a single page. So a single Wiktionary page would
correspond to several Lexeme entries on Wikidata, since Lexemes on wikidata
would be split per language.

I suppose a Lexeme-Entry could be linked back to the corresponding pages on the
various Wiktionaries, but I don't really see the value of that, and sitelinks
are currently not planned for Lexeme entries. It probably makes more sense for
the Wiktionary pages to explicitly reference the Wikidata-Lexeme that
corresponds to each language-section on the page.

> And how do we go from one Sense to another
> synonym Sense? Do we use statements? But then only the L-identifiers
> can be used, so we will link them at the Lexeme level..

Why can only L-Identifiers be used? Senses (and Forms) are entities and have
identifiers. They wouldn't have a wiki-page of their own, but that's not a
problem. The intention is that it's possible for one Sense to have a statement
referring directly to another Sense (of the same or a different Lexeme).

> Wiktionary is organized around homonyms while Wikipedia is organized
> around synonyms, especially across languages, and I think this
> difference creates some of the problems.

The Lexeme-Part of Wikidata (L-ids) would be separate from the Concept-part of
Wikidata (Q-ids). The Lexeme part is organized around homonyms (more precisely,
homographs in a single language). Each Lexeme can have several "Senses" modeled
as "sub-entities", meaning that each Sense has its own set of Statements. Each
Sense can be linked to Senses of other Lexemes (explicit synonyms or
translations) and to Q-id concepts (implicit synonyms or translations) using

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