2016-09-18 21:50 GMT+02:00 Magnus Manske <magnusman...@googlemail.com>:
> The overwriting of human edits was the main "violation of the rules" that
> led to the banning of Listeria bot on German Wikipedia for the article
> namespace. I think someone actually made an IP edit just to have it
> overwritten on the next update, then point to the "evil bot action". Ah,
> such is luddites.


> I *think* you could do that if you use the SPARQL variables directly instead
> of the properties in the column headings, but you'd need to make "fake" item
> IDs (e.g. Q123.a, Q123.b or something). Internally, everything is wired to
> list one item per row, and it would be hard to fiddle with it. It was always
> a first attempt, not the final product...

Thanks for the suggestion. By the way, it's a great start, believe me. :)

2016-09-19 11:06 GMT+02:00 John Erling Blad <jeb...@gmail.com>:
> Either the list should just be a an entry point for a list structure or
> table that is completely created outside the editors realm, or it should be
> possible to merge any user edit with content from the bot. There should be
> no in-between where the user needs additional knowledge about how to edit
> the bot-produced content or even that (s)he can't edit the bot-produced
> content. From the user (editors) point of view there should be no special
> precautions to how some pages should be edited.

I think this depends on and varies among communities. As I said, on
it.wp all lists of people who were born and died on a particular date
or year are automatically updated by a bot taking data from [1] since
years, and nobody is batting an eye on this.

This doesn't rule out some sort of "user creativity" in doing lists,
but in my opinion a bot-made list at the moment is better than no list
at all. Moreover, the bot-made list can be a starter for users to
think what to include in the future in those lists, and to make those
list better.

Oh, no offence, but let's not forget that usually creating a table
like [2] is difficult for an experienced user, let alone a newbie.


[1] https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Bio
[2] https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ministri_della_Marina_del_Regno_d%27Italia

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