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> Hi Everyone,
> Starting from this release DBpedia provides an alternate view of its data
> with RDF dumps based on Wikidata IDs
> http://wiki.dbpedia.org/dbpedia-version-2016-04
> e.g.
>  - disambiguations_en.ttl.bz2 (DBpedia uris)
>  - disambiguations_wkd_uris_en.ttl.bz2 (the same data but all DBpedia URIs
> are converted to wikidata based IDs)
> We need these dumps for our ongoing tasks but we also want to share these
> with the Wikidata community as we think they may be useful.
> One of the side tasks that we have in our plans but never found enough
> people to work on is to identify Wikipedia / Wikidata data overlaps as well
> as data conflicts and identify areas where e.g. Wikidata data are fresher,
> stalled or missing.
> Another task that that pop up during a discussion with Lydia and Daniel in
> the DBpedia meeting in Leipzig last month was to use these dumps and fix
> errors in Wikidata. The example we discussed is with interlinks and
> disambiguations when e.g. an interlink cluster consists of disambiguation
> links except one (that is most probably wrong).
> This was a real example that Daniel came up with and can be easily
> identified with these dumps
> Maybe there are other cases where these dumps can be useful but you can have
> a better judge on this.
> How to move on.
> After a quick discussion, it was suggested to create tasks in Phabricator
> for each task but before I proceed I wanted to get an initial community
> feedback

Thanks for publishing those, Dimitris!


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