Hi Ian and Wikidata,

Great, Ian and Arc.heolo.gy!

To complement your efforts, WUaS, which donated WUaS to Wikidata a year
ago, seeks to develop a realistic virtual earth with TIME SLIDER for STEM
researchers to add their data - conceptually like Google Street
View/Maps/Earth with TIME SLIDER with OpenSim for group building, but with
much much more precision, and so scientists can wiki adding of their own
computer modeling, and in all 8k languages, and at the cellular, molecular
and nano levels too - drawing on and querying from Wikidata. (See -
). Daniel Kinzler has responded to a couple of related WUaS "Troy"-example
posts in this Wikidata-l email list, as well.


On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 3:04 PM, Ian Seyer <ian.se...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi there!
> My name is Ian Seyer - I am the project lead for a proposed Project Grant
> called Arc.heolo.gy.
> Arc.heolo.gy is a wikipedia dump to XML to graphDB (Neo4j at the moment)
> engine. In its current form, it builds a database wherein all href links
> are parsed as Relationships. This allows for pathfinding between articles,
> and finding clusters of knowledge around a particular topic or article.
> The goal of the grant is to expand the possibilities of this tool -
> symantic parsing and relevance weighting using aspects of NLP,
> auto-updating when new dumps are available, and a generic 2d and VR-capable
> 3d visualization for networks such as this.
> I have longtime been a fan of the Wikidata project (originally a Freebase
> user), and want the feedback of the community to gauge what features you
> would like to see, which would allow for maximum interoperability. I
> believe there is a huge overlap of functionality there that could be very
> advantageous to explore.
> You can read more about the grant here: https://meta.wikimedia.
> org/wiki/Grants:Project/Arc.heolo.gy
> ps If you are interested in any aspect of this project, we are looking for
> volunteers to expand our team.
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