I'm getting 100% "invalid snak." errors when I run quickstatement (version
1 and 2).
It's been awhile since I used it, so I did a single statement, which
worked, then 10 or so, which also worked. I did 100 statements & spot
checked a couple of them, which seemed to work. I tried 500 and it didn't
(I hadn't noticed the error log beneath the HOWTO until this point). I
switched to version 2, and can't update with that either. I can manually
update the same records, but something's gone wrong with my use of
quickstatements. Magnus, someone help?
I'm copy & pasting from Excel:

Q6272416 P2750 1946
Q64714 P2750 1956
Q5301725 P2750 1976
Q18356603 P2750 2010


Many thanks in advance (love this tool).


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