Dear all,

I have hacked a prototype of GraphQL endpoint on top of the Wikidata API.

GraphQL is is a simple query language design for complex data retrieval (e.g. 
"give me the item QXXXX and retrieve all the P20 statements with, for their 
main snak value, the label in english and the sitelink to the French 
Wikipedia"). Compared to SPARQL it aims less at finding pieces of data matching 
different criteria than at retrieving complex representation of known elements. 
Its official website with tutorials is here:

It is deployed on Toolsforge. The query editor is here: and the endpoint here:

A first example: A query that returns for the item about "Jean-Fran├žois 
Champollion" (Q260) its label in English, its description in French, its 
aliases in French, its sitelink to ruwiki with the English label of its badges, 
and for its death place (P20) statement the main snak value id and English 
label and some data about references and qualifiers.
This query could be executed using the demo instance using this link: (click on the ">" at the top of the UI to execute 
the query).

More details and examples are available here: (with a query that calls SPARQL from 
The implementation is currently slow but provides most of the basic features 
required to retrieve Wikidata content. I do not have any proper demo yet of 
Wikidata editing using GraphQL mutations.

Feedbacks are more than welcome on the Phabricator tickets:



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