Thanks Stas. How does this affect non-WMF clones of Wikidata QS?

On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 2:51 PM, Stas Malyshev <>

> Hi!
> This morning we have switched the polling mechanism for Wikidata Query
> Service from using Recent Changes API to using Kafka events
> ( This should improve
> reliability of the updates and reduce load on Wikidata servers. Given
> that we are putting more data into Wikidata and more servers for SPARQL
> services, having a scalable update mechanism is important, and that's
> what we are doing with Kafka updater.
> If everything works well, you should not notice any change at all.
> So far, we have inspected it in action for a few days and it seems to be
> working fine. However, since the functionality is new, it is possible
> that some bugs exist. The bugs might manifest themselves in certain new
> edits not being reflected in Wikidata Query Service data. If you notice
> this happening, please tell me (preferably via Phabricator ticket
> specifying the details of the problem, but if it doesn't work for you
> you can email me or ping me on IRC or on Wiki: Smalyshev_(WMF)).
> Thanks,
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> Stas Malyshev
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