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for the SMILES (line representation for chemical structures; [0]) there are
currently two properties (P233 and P2017). Each one of them has a formatter
URL to link out to an open source depiction tool (CDKDepict). But statement
values for both properties can have characters that need to be encoded for
the URL (/, +, #).

Some time ago I saw a solution, a separate Wikidata/-media page that did
this, before linking through to the remote service.

Because chemical structures are now not always shown and sometimes wrong, I
really like to see a solution like that implemented. I'm thinking of
working on that during WikidataCon. But I like to ask for your input. What
are the technical solution that could be used to solve the problem? What
are related recommendations? And anything else you like to comment...

Looking forward to hearing from you,




Hi, do you like citation networks? Already 51% of all citations are
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