Dear  Friends,

The WikiEducator User Page Expo <> ("UPE" to its
friends) is an ongoing event to acknowledge WikiEducator user pages that
are particularly informative, innovative, visually appealing, or otherwise
just plain clever.

 Letare Hemrom <> is the UPE winner for
August 2015! Lets learn more about him.

August 2015
[image: DSC01510.JPEG] <>

Letare Hemrom <> is a technocrat and has
been working in tatasteel <> for more than 22
years. He did his Graduation in English and "Masters of Arts in Distance
Education" (MADE) from IGNOU <>. He further acquired
competence in online learning by doing Post Graduate Diploma in eLearning
from IGNOU. It is his desire to contribute as a distance educator to help
tatasteel exploit the benefit of distance education to be a knowledge based
steel industry. He is an expert on SAP, Content development tool:EXE,
Content development tool: Freemind, Operating systems: Window, Language:
HTML, Autocad, and Camtasia. He has participated in a national "Online
Training On Development Of Self-learning material" Organised by IGNOU, New
Delhi from August 4-September 26,2008. In addition, he was judged second in
Safety Quiz competition 1998, Iron And Steel Group,Tata Steel. He also
successfully completed Tata Steel Adventure Foundation’s 38th “outdoor
training” for HRD skills for personal development and character
building,team development,manager development and managing changed in
uncertainty,through the processes of group work. he joined WikiEducator in
2008 July. He wants to support WOLA in E-Learning, Open Licencing,
Evaluation, Instructional Design. He is a promoter of WikiEducator through
online and Face to Face meetings. He has developed a course module Sociology
of Education <> and is a
believer of open system and collaboration.

Please join us in congratulating him for being the UPE winner for August
with best wishes,
Dr. Nellie Deutsch <> and Ramesh
Sharma <>

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