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On Sunday, October 4, 2015 at 9:49:16 AM UTC-4, Ramesh Sharma wrote:
> Dear  Friends,
> The WikiEducator User Page Expo <> ("UPE" to 
> its friends) is an ongoing event to acknowledge WikiEducator user pages 
> that are particularly informative, innovative, visually appealing, or 
> otherwise just plain clever.
> Adum Joseph is the UPE winner for September 2015!
> Lets learn more about him, an active WikiEducator!!
> September 2015
> [image: Pictureadum.jpg] <>
> Adum Joseph <> is an Assistant 
> Lecturer at the Kampala International University, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. 
> He has special interest in Planning, Design and Management of Databases; 
> Internet Technology and web page Authoring, and Networking. He obtained 
> Master's degree (Msc.IS) from KIU Dar Es Salaam, and BSc.IT from Mbarara 
> University of Science and Technology. With the purpose to keep updated 
> himself, he regularly attends professional development programs like ICT 
> skills development training workshop conducted by CADD centre at Kampala 
> International University, Dar es Salaam College; Enhancing Learning and 
> Assessment; Pedagogy in higher education; Training in computer hardware and 
> software maintenance and repair; and on ‘Empowering Youth on Corruption 
> Eradication’ etc. He conducts research also, some of his work like 
> "E-learning Technology acceptance, utilization and opportunity at Kampala 
> International University Dar Es Salaam College", "The level of Utilization 
> and Opportunities of E-learning Technologies among selected Universities in 
> Tanzania" have been published by GRIN Publishing GmbH. 
> Please join us in congratulating him for being the UPE winner!
> with best wishes,
> Dr. Nellie Deutsch <> and Ramesh 
> Sharma <>

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