I am always amazed by serendipity. 

I hadn't heard about P2PU in years. Then this pops up yesterday...


Several of the courses are addressing similar issues.

On Friday, April 29, 2016 at 7:02:44 AM UTC-4, Wayne Mackintosh wrote:
> The OERu is developing a 1st year course for formal academic credit 
> called: Learning in a Digital Age (LiDA). This course will be incorporated 
> into the OERu free 1st year of study currently under development. 
> If you were developing a course on learning and digital literacies what 
> topics would you include?
> Please consult the wiki page for information on how to contribute:
> http://wikieducator.org/Learning_in_a_digital_age/Crowdsourcing_topics_for_LiDA
> Thanks for your help! 
> -- 
> Wayne Mackintosh
> Director OER Foundation and OERu facilitator
> UNESCO - ICDE Chair in OER
> Skype: WGMNZ1
> Twitter: Mackiwg

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