New World University has need for a part time *OER Coordinator* to assist 
with the university’s open educational resources initiatives. Our 
institution is based in the Caribbean regional his position will be remote, 
and applications are welcome from anyone with reliable Internet access 
regardless of country of residence. This position is entry level and is 
paid by the hour, and the number of hours required may vary from week to 

Our OER Coordinator will:

   1. Assist with OER textbook curation, including evaluating the materials 
   we use currently, and exploring OER repositories for suitable materials for 
   academic programmes under development.
   2. Assist with our project to add value to existing OER textbooks by 
   finding freely accessible videos that might supplement those textbooks.
   3. Assist with our project to make existing OER textbooks more 
   accessible to students in economically developing countries by converting 
   PDF versions into EPUB files that display well on inexpensive mobile 
   4. Other duties as assigned.

We would like to see the following from you:

   - Good command of written English.
   - Familiarity with and enthusiasm for open educational resources, 
   including related topics such as Creative Commons licenses.
   - Familiarity with HTML, CSS, and EPUB is preferred, but not required to 

If you would like to be considered please email 
<>, attach your resume or CV, and 
explain briefly why you would be the best person to fill this position. 
Note that if you do not include your hourly wage requirements that your 
application will not be considered.

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