Hi everyone

The OER Foundation has set up a Mastodon instance
<https://mastodon.oeru.org/> which is a federated and open source social
networking alternative.  (This short video <https://youtu.be/IPSbNdBmWKE>
provides a good overview of what Mastodon is.)

At the OERu, we do not want any learner to be forced to use any proprietary
hosted technologies in order to participate in our learning opportunities,
and this is why we have set up an OERu instance <https://mastodon.oeru.org/>
of the Mastodon software.

It's primarily intended to support OERu learners rather than forcing
learners to join, services like Twitter. Most conversations on our instance
will be focused on OERu and OER related topics, however as open technology,
WikiEducator users are free and most welcome to create accounts on our
instance (thanks Steve Foerster for suggesting that I post this
announcement on the WikiEd list).

As a federated technology there are many different instances and
communities you can join with the advantage of being able to interact with
users on difference instances.

If you need a little help in setting up an account and finding out how
Mastodon works - you can consult the OERu support site

Happy tooting!


Wayne Mackintosh
Director OER Foundation and OERu facilitator
Mastodon: @mack...@mastodon.oeru.org

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