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The Santorum controversy...  article has 2 sentences on Savage and the
neologism, no coverage of the consequences on Santorum's career,
Santorum's comments regarding it, or critical or academic coverage of
the incident.

That by itself approximates sweeping it under the rug, which will not fly.

If you want to propose a content merge of those two articles that's
not grossly offensive to my sensibilities, as long as it actually
merges the content and is not an excuse to delete one of the two

Retitling might not be a bad idea if it lessens the google focus.
That's not grossly offensive to my sensibilities.  Not sure that it
would actually work.

Well, [[Dan Savage Google bomb campaign against Rick Santorum]] could be a 
sub-article of [[Santorum controversy on homosexuality]].
That's essentially what the article is, at any rate. An exceptionally detailed 
article on Savage's campaign. It's not an article on a word. 
I could live with that. I don't think it would bring Wikipedia into potential 
disrepute, or open the project up to charges of partiality in quite the same 
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