Hello, all Wikimania attendees!

I hope you're enjoying your first day of conference :)
Tonight and tomorrow, among the other social events, I'm running a folk
dances workshop.

Don't be scared, it's open to everyone, very funny and a good way to relax
after a long day sitting on a chair!
You will hear a short performance of folk songs from *Bretagne*
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brittany>, learn some simple dances
involving moving your small fingers and jumping on your feet, and make new
friends around.

If you want to try the dances or just listen to the music, join us at one
of the two sessions:
* Friday 11.08 and Saturday 12.08
*  *from 9pm to 10pm*
* in the room *Drummond West* (*3rd floor*, at the end of the corridor
after the posters)

Can't wait to meet you there *\o/*

Léa @Auregann
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