Hi all,

We need your help! :)

We are developing a recommendation system that can help newcomers (or
more experienced editors who are interested) receive recommendations
about what sections to add to an already existing article in

As part of this research, we need labels from editors on whether a
section recommended for an article on English Wikipedia is a good
section or not. (The research is not limited to enwiki, this step of
the test is.)

You can come with your laptop to the Hackathon room (Salon 7) at 17:00
(break time) to chat about this research and do the labeling in
person, or you can just do it on your own using the following link
(The link will take you to our test and labeling environment, set up
quickly to collect some labels. Please know that once you click on the
link, a cookie will be set in your browser that will help us count how
many different contributors we had):

As always, questions and comments are welcome, ideally in person, now
that we are all in one place. :)


Leila Zia
Senior Research Scientist
Wikimedia Foundation

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