Dear friends in cuteness,

What is the expected representation of our illustrious association at
Wikimania this year?  Let folks accompanying members of the Wikimedia
Cuteness Association post a brief introduction, and perhaps say something
about their expected cute participation in this year's event.

Cancunchyk the Turtle[1] is here in Montreal, with me as amanuensis.
Cancunchyk has been participating in the WCA's first-ever Cuteness Exchange
Program, and has been traveling with me this past year, since Wikimania in
Esino Lario in 2016.  He has had occasion to supervise my talks and
activities in events such as the Wikimedia CEE Meeting in Armenia,
WikiConference India, WikiIndaba in Ghana, the Wikimedia Conference in
Berlin, WikiConference Bulgaria, WikiConference Czech Republic, and even
met a US Ambassador and was instrumental in sensitive talks with the
Turkish government in a (so far unsuccessful) effort to remove the block
from Wikipedia in Turkey.

My usual travel companion, Shaxal the Lion[2], has had the benefit of WMF
Board member Nataliia Tymkiv serving as his amanuensis since Esino Lario,
and is expected to attend -- and, indeed, supervise -- the WMF Board of
Trustees meeting this year.

At the conclusion of Wikimania, Shaxal's and Cancunchyk's exchange program
would end, and they will work together[3] on publishing a report on the
Cuteness Exchange Program, which they hope to see replicated across the
cuteness movement.

Finally, I believe I have spotted *prospective member* Pushynochka's
amanuensis in the lobby today, and since Shaxal and Cancunchyk have already
conducted a membership interview with Pushynochka in Esino Lario[4], this
event would be a good opportunity to formally induct Pushynochka to the WCA.

Yours in cuteness,


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