Hello guys.

You are invited to join Wikipedia Election 2016 Project being organised by
the group itself (not individuals) as earlier announced.

The aim of the project is to have a portal where Wikipedia articles on
people, topics, events, places related to election 2016 can be grouped so
people can find them easily to either use the information there, or
contribute to it.

To achieve this also brings out the second aim, which is to encourage more
people learning to edit Wikipedia, and even hearing about the WMF as a
whole (that is the group's mandate btw).

If you join this project, you are essentially helping make the above-stated
aims happen.

This is your opportunity to get edits (if you need motivation) and also be
physically involved in outreach because without edits and involvement, you
really don't enjoy the community. Those of you who also plan to embark on
projects, it's participation like this that demonstrates your dedication to
WMF and your user group.

The individuals running funded projects, going on travels, doing
residencies here and overseas among other things, started with these kind
of groups events, so get involved. That's how we all grew in the movement.

Those who offered to help start up are already at work. Check out the page
<http://bit.ly/2ddVX2f> we are building.

Sandister Tei
Video Journalist | Head of Social Media – Citi FM | Rep – Wikipedian
Community (Gh)

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