I have been posed a question of how to check your edits by a member.

I am so sorry I never mentioned this to the new editors. I used to chase
people to count their edits until old age caught up with me :D j/k

So below's a tool you can use. I am sure the other experienced editors may
have their preferred tools too – suggestions are welcome.

But please don't use the number of edits you have to discourage yourself or
think you are not working hard. But it's a quick way to check what you've
been up to.

Some people have lots of edits but never help with any projects. Some get
involved with projects but don't have high edits. Some people also have
edits but are not content being used by browsers. Some have edits that were
useless and have been reversed. Some have edits and have even been banned,
some use robots ... In summary don't be discouraged if you don't have 1000s
or millions. Just stay active.

Here's the tool: Edit Counter <http://bit.ly/2cTA8o1>.

If you want further explanations you can leave me a Whatsapp voice note –
0204266290. I will attend to you when I step out of work.

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