On the back of today's Hangout with Jack Rabah from the Global Reach team,
we discussed the following.

Meeting summary:
    Link: Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Direction:


   -         AODC events in Ghana - Wikidata (2 sessions) and 1 Wikipedia
   -         Working with open street maps to find ways to incorporate
   -         Cross collaboration with open movement can be easily
   converted, ex - Uganda.
   -         Visa - a big issue in Africa to be represented in conferences.
   -         People in Africa are not as privileged as other places - to
   volunteer our time to contribute to Wikipedia.
   -         We lack internet facilities (especially for students).
   -         Our problems are different than those from outside from
   Africa. You cannot look at us like you would look at someone from the UK.
   -         What we need in Africa is adequate representation. More
   opportunities like Wikimania to be held in Africa.
   -         Grants - even when it is explained. The problems in Africa,
   the countries are all different.
   -         Push the agenda of Africa within the movement. Our
   responsibility to be active
   -         Speak with one voice.
   -         Too many agenda. Lack of communications within Africa. Passing
   on info to others.
   -         We need a team to work on Wikimania.
   -         African mailing list  - people are afraid to talk.

In effect, we are encouraged to share our stories as African Wikipedians
both positively and negatively. We should embrace the goodness of telling
our stories to the rest of the world.


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