Wikipedia articles on Parliamentary Constituencies in Ghana are in a truly 
deplorable state. I’ve always had it in my to-do list to tackle, but haven’t 
had the luxury of time and resources to get to them yet. And so, thanks for 
choosing to work on them now.

I wouldn’t be around unfortunately, but if you could create a red-list of 
missing constituencies and share with us I’m sure myself and others who can’t 
come would be able to pitch in from remote.

Other issues about the existing constituencies you might consider prioritizing:
• Weeding out duplicates, e.g. some district that were upgraded have new 
articles, yet the old ones still exist
• Redirects pointing to wrong districts because the said districts have been 
expanded into others/merged/curved out of others

I would really urge folks to come around and help.



From: Roy Sandy
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 5:06 PM
Subject: [Wikimedia-GH] Event registration

As part of the Wikimedian in Residence Program, which focused on the 
Parliamentary Constituencies in Ghana, articles of constituencies have been 
identified which need immediate updates. New articles will be created on the 
new constituencies that were added before the 2012 general elections but are 
currently not featured on Wikipedia. You are invited to an Edit-a-thon to that 
effect.Please, experienced editors only. Kindly follow the link to register.

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