A couple of quick comments.

You have two way to approch gamification of content/service/product :
* Built a game experience on top of the content/service/product
* Lauche services/products dedicated to gamification based on your initial

What people are mostly talking about here is the first one. But we could
also think of the second, like we could have a game interface to edit
Wikipedia. You could have X thousands of sentence ready to translate and
you could translate them one after the other little by little, and add a
ranking of the top translators. This is how Facebook or Twitter translated
their website.

Gamification is a way to lower the threshold for a product/task. Making it
fun and easy and something non-involving.

We could also have the same thing for categorization of images. Corercting
spelling mistakes. And so on. And the goal would be to make people that
would have never edited, edit.

As for making our content "social" or easier to share. There are, to some
extent, privacy issues. But I doubt we would end with X thousand new people
editing just that way. Would having those buttons hurt our mission or
damage the user experience ? I doubt it.

Would it be a major change and would generate press attention ? Definitly.
So not a light decision to make as it can impact our image :)

So even though

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