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> > this just in, scary.
> >
> > Breivik: My Biggest Influence Was Wikipedia
> >
> http://www.businessinsider.com/norwegian-terrorist-anders-breivik-my-biggest-i
> > nfluence-was-wikipedia-2012-4#ixzz1sN3LZci6
> Unless he expanded on his statement, which isn't in the posted clip, his
> "answer" could very well be a sarcastic non-answer to an entity he believes
> has neither credibility nor authority over him.
> Marc Riddell

It's my understanding that what he said is that Wikipedia was venue he used
for researching his ideology.

At the end of the day Wikipedia is full of right wing material - because it
is a part of history/culture and we have to record it (neutrally). It is
entirely possible to take that material and use it to build a world view.

This is what people do anyway.

We simply have to be accepting of the fact that, while our intent might be
to spread a more inclusive society by opening up knowledge to the masses,
there is a portion of the population who will form views we find abhorrent.

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