A sign of a healthy committee is that it does its work promptly and
undramatically.  The ombudsman commission is such a committee.  Charged
with investigating alleged privacy violations around the checkuser tool,
the commission has functioned with a high degree of professionalism and
efficiency.  The commission is appointed under the auspices of the Board,
who have delegated this role to the staff - first to Cary, and then I took
it on.

Accordingly, after a great bit of deliberation, I offered the ombudsmen the
ability to extend their current term for one additional year. All, with the
exception of one, have chosen to do so.  The one who has not is Pundit, who
has accepted a position as a steward.  Dweller, who was an advisory member
of the commission, takes Pundit's seat.

It should be noted that this was done some time ago - I have been extremely
remiss in sending out the notification.  There was no lapse of commission,
and the commission functioned fully during the gap period.

Best wishes,
Philippe Beaudette
Director, Community Advocacy
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

415-839-6885, x 6643

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