2012/4/23 Mike Christie <coldchr...@gmail.com>:
> This might be a digression, but I'm fairly new to this list and would
> like a clarification.  What's the decision-making process within the
> WMF on issues such as this (a request from the community to document a
> WMF process)?  I understand how processes are implemented (or not),
> and how tasks are done (or not) on en.wikipedia, but I don't yet
> understand the relationship between community requests (or requests
> from individuals in the community) and WMF processes and tasks.  What
> are the expectations for WMF employees' response to a request such as
> this -- presumably they can assess it and say no if they feel that's
> appropriate?  Is it part of their job description to communicate via
> lists such as this, and justify their decisions?

Mike, the ombudsman commission does not consist of WMF employees. We
are just volunteers. We don't get paid for what we are doing. ;) If I
got paid for it, I would happily search all my emails and create all
sorts of statistics the community wants to have, but I didn't
volunteer for being a statistican or doing anything related to that,
so I just won't do it. :) Explaining how we process requests is
something else, and I did already explain that process.


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