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> You would be able to easily keep track of what tickets have
> been answered, but as far as I am aware the OTRS admins
> are technically able to view all the emails in any queues -
> so that would be another 12ish people plus devs that would
> be able to view the tickets. I'm not saying that they would,
> but bearing in mind a fair number of the OTRS admins are
> checkusers/oversighters themselves, I think there will be
> some issues with using OTRS.

Queues are normally setup so that the OTRS admins can see all tickets.
This makes things easier when checking for errors, making sure there
are no backlogs, cleaning up cross-queue spam, etc. However, there are
definitely some private queues -- like the oversight and Wikimedia
registration/scholarship queues -- that OTRS admins cannot see unless
they give themselves access to it, which they wouldn't do unless they
needed to for some reason.

Casey Brown

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