2012/4/24 Andrew Cates <andrew.ca...@soschildren.org>

> I am wondering about releasing many hundreds of Africa educational videos
> under creative commons.
> They are the videos currently at www.our-africa.org which is a child
> generated reference site about Africa.
> There is a lot of material in the videos which could be edited and used to
> improve Wikipedia article (a solar kettle in operation, a maize plant
> grinding maize, a variety of musical instruments in use, different
> religious festivals, cocoa plantations etc etc)
> However at present Wikipedia does not seem to support or want video
> material.

Wikipedia supports video with [[Media:]] tag. Also, Wikimedia Commons has a
little collection of them https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Video

> Does anyone have a feel whether this is likely to change?

Also, this message is more related to Wikimedia or Commons mailing lists
(cc:). If you are the owner of those videos and you want to donate them,
some people can help you in the process.

> Andrew
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