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> [This essay was rudely rejected by the gatekeepers at Signpost calling it
> irrelevant but not explaining why. Could someone please suggest where I
> might submit this for a fair hearing by the WMF community?]
To me it seems like you are somewhat unfamiliar with the difference between
the Wikimedia Foundation and its projects. The WMF can be "political" and
express a viewpoint; NPOV applies only to the article content of a single
project.  I'm also not sure your attempt to distinguish between "political
knowledge" and "encyclopedic knowledge" is particularly coherent, or at
least your essay lacks the detailed reasoning necessary to support the
distinction you're trying to make.

Even if your idea for a sort of gov-wiki - a project devoted to public
data, government operations and related information - has merit on its own,
and it might, your novel method of presenting pros and cons is simply
unworkable. This problem and the philosophical fuzziness of your argument
may be why your essay was rejected by the Signpost.

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