There's a nice interview with Ward Cunningham (father of the wiki)
this week in Dr. Dobb's [a programming journal]. The interview covers
programming, techniques for working well, wikis and Wikipedia:

On wikis (p.2):
"I think that the thing I did right there was respect the people who
would come that I didn't even know, who had no right to deserve my
respect because I know nothing about them. But I would say, "Come on
in and I'll trust you to contribute in good faith and to make your
words a gift to this community." And we did. It was magical."

There's also a note that Ward is this year's recipient of the "Dr.
Dobb's Excellence in Programming Award", which is an exclusive award
given to just a handful of elite programmers (past recipients: The award comes with a $1000 prize,
which Ward donated to the Wikimedia Foundation. Thanks, Ward, and many

-- phoebe

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