> We at Archive Team are attempting to download all the 700,000 Knols.[3] For
> the sake of history. Join us, #archiveteam EFNET.

I did some followup. I'm not sure I can help out with Knol
anymore, but I discovered that AT is having some trouble
making good archives of wikimedia sites.

Theoretically, wikipedia et al SHOULD be easy to
reconstitute, right?  That's why we're using CC licenses
and all. Else if we drop the ball, WP will be gone.
This seems like a priority to me!

The main problem seems to be obtaining commons images:
So at the very least, we don't appear to have very good
documentation. Who could best help Archive Team out? Has
anyone done/written documentation on completely restoring 1
or more wikimedia wikis from 'public backup' [1]?

What can we do to help them?

        Kim Bruning

[1] "Real Men don't make backups. They upload it via ftp and
let the world mirror it." - Linus Torvalds 

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