On 5/18/2012 8:16 AM, Béria Lima wrote:

We have a result! The polls closed a few hours ago and I've already
counted the votes. The chapters have, by voting, selected the following
candidates to serve on the WMF board:

* Patricio Lorente
* Alice Wiegand

*Patricio Lorente* (User:Patricio.lorente) is the current President of
Wikimedia Argentina. He had worked as Project Manager of the Association
for Social Development in Argentina. At present, he serves as General
ProSecretary of the National University of La Plata.

*Alice Wiegand* (User:Lyzzy) is an IT specialist for system
administration in the public sector. She currently run the IT department of
a German municipality with 450 PC workstations. In April she will start her
Master’s studies in Public Policy and Governance.

I also would like to thanks Arne and Phoebe for the job they did over the
last two and half years, all the candidates for all the work they put into
the elections and everyone who participated in the process by nominating
a candidate, asking questions of candidates or taking part in your
chapter's decision on who to vote for.
Thanks and congratulations to all concerned!

In the case of Patricio and Alice, that means thank you for being willing to serve, and congratulations on being selected. They are both wonderful people who I believe can do a great job on the board. I am pleased that the chapters' process for nominating board members brought out a number of fine candidates this year. I could have been similarly happy to see one of several other candidates chosen as well, which is good. But I couldn't have been *more* happy, because Patricio and Alice are such excellent choices.

In the case of Phoebe and Arne, that means thank you for the great work you have done and the often unacknowledged effort that required, and congratulations on the newfound freedom you will soon have. (Though I can assure you that this freedom will disappear so fast you won't even realize it was there, as it fills up with new tasks and responsibilities.) I don't think the chapters could have selected anyone better than Phoebe to replace me, just as they couldn't have chosen anyone better than Alice and Patricio to replace Arne and Phoebe. That's important because the new board members will have big shoes to fill. At least their names have already filled the same initials, A and P - that seems like a happy omen to me.

In the case of the chapters and those who moderated the process, that means thank you for your thoughtful deliberations, and congratulations on completing this in a timely manner. I think the way they have handled this is a reflection of the increasing maturity of the chapters collectively. That is one of many positive developments in this area, which is much-needed and has been an important area of emphasis for the movement lately. It has not always been easy, but we are making progress. I feel that successes like this validate my desire initially to have the chapters participate directly in the selection of board members.

--Michael Snow

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