Hi everyone,

I am pleased to announce that Tilman Bayer has officially joined the Wikimedia 
Foundation's Global Development team as Senior Operations Analyst focused on 
movement communications starting this week. He has just relocated to SF after 
receiving his work visa.

As most of you will be aware, Tilman has been working in the communications 
team focusing on movement communications since last July, as a remote 
contractor based in Germany. He has been instrumental in the enhancement to our 
monthly reporting, continued improvement to our blogging and the development of 
our last annual report among other things. Tilman and Dario Taraborelli 
co-founded and continues to edit the monthly Wikimedia research newsletter. In 
particular, I'd like to highlight his work to get our reports translated, so 
that they are more accessible for the whole community. 

In his new role as a staff member, Tilman will continue to work closely with 
the communications team in support of the whole foundation team, e.g. working 
on the WMF blog, editing the WMF monthly reports and annual report, and 
developing multi-lingual communications solutions . His role will now include 
the analysis of quantitative data and other research to understand and address 
movement communication challenges.  He will work on projects to improve our 
communications systems in partnership with other groups in the Foundation.  He 
will report to me for the short term, but will transition to reporting to our 
soon to be announced Director, Global Learning and Grantmaking.

As User:HaeB, Tilman has been active in both the German and English Wikipedia 
since 2003. He was a checkuser on the German Wikipedia for half a decade, and 
until joining WMF last year was the editor-in-chief of the Wikipedia Signpost, 
the English Wikipedia's community newsletter.  He holds degrees in mathematics 
from the University of Cambridge and the University of Bonn.

Please join me in welcoming Tilman to the Wikimedia Foundation team in San 


Barry Newstead 
Chief Global Development Officer
Wikimedia Foundation

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