On 02/06/12 05:04, Hersfold wrote:
> I'm very concerned that this is what's going to happen with the IPv6
> change - something major is going to fail, and the wiki will become
> inaccessible, or some major security feature (blocking or protection,
> for example) will be rendered inoperable, leaving the wikis vulnerable
> to attack from all fronts. The latter situation seems to be more
> likely based on past issues, and unfortunately more problematic; once
> these issues get noted, it'll take only minutes for /b/, GNAA, and a
> long list of other vandals to figure it out and launch a full-scale
> attack that'll take weeks to clean up.

We could just allow blocking of arbitrarily large IPv6 ranges. Then if
there is some emergency, you can just block everyone who is using IPv6
from editing. The collateral damage would be smaller than the IPv4 /16
blocks which admins apply routinely.

-- Tim Starling

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