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> Nathan, I'm still trying to come up with *any* site that permits
> unregistered users to post but also publishes their full IP address.  Can
> you think of any at all?  Let's not limit it to the big guys, let's really
> think this through and explore what is going on outside of our own
> bailiwick.  Just because we've done things for a long time doesn't mean we
> shouldn't improve ourselves.

Well, there are many sites (my local newspaper for instance) that permit
users with no site-specific registration to comment, but only using a
Facebook profile. Assuming the commenter is following Facebook's account
policies, that is at least as revealing as an IP address.

And we can just as easily look at it from the other direction - are there
really other sites out there like Wikipedia, with our mix of mission and
global impact for a user-generated product? I think Wikipedia is unique in
many ways, and I believe that renders the comparison you're attempting to
make not useful. And finally, you take for granted a principle that I have
challenged - mandating complete anonymity for all users (other than those
who edit using a real name) is not, in my view, the same as "improv[ing]

I'd like to get other opinions on this, so I'm going to hold off on posting
again in this thread... at least for as long as I can stand it :-P

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