On 13/06/12 00:39, Kim Bruning wrote:
> What with XS4ALL (my ISP) now also offering IPv6 out-of-the-box, there's 
> at least one extra IPv6 anon on en.wp. ;-)
> I noticed that my current IPv6 address appears to be assigned
> dynamically by XS4ALL. I can probably get static if I choose it. But the
> dynamic assignment option does alleviate some people's privacy
> concerns, right?

A 'privacy problem' of IPv6 addresses is that they could be tied to your
network card identification number (the MAC), so even if you changed
networks, and got a different ip, the lower bytes would remain constant
indentifying you. Then privacy extensions were developed to avoid that.
I think you should check how much dynamic it by looking not just but
what ranges change. Maybe it's static but your OS is making it look
dynamic on each reboot. Or viceversa, your OS could be leaking your MAC
even though your ISP gives you a dynamic one.

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