Thanks for the report.

I would like to suggest that for the foreseeable future (not just for June), these monthly reports should include a fuller set of updates on the editor engagement and retention efforts. My understanding is that this is a high priority effort for WMF, it seems to involve a fairly significant number of WMF FTEs and LTEs, and I think it is of interest to the global Wikimedia community.

Personally I am very concerned about the continuing slide in the number of active editors. There are many areas on ENWP where having a few more active editors would be very helpful, and I speculate that other projects would also appreciate having additional active editors. My concerns are illustrated beautifully on some of the graphs here: "http://reportcard.wmflabs.org/graphs/new_editors";, "http://reportcard.wmflabs.org/graphs/active_editors";, and "http://reportcard.wmflabs.org/graphs/active_editors_target";.

I would like to hear more about what progress is being made to improve the trends. We heard about the Teahouse and new initiatives for Arabic Wikipedia, which are very good, and I especially appreciated the detailed reports on the Teahouse pilot that were sent to ENWP participants' talk pages through "The Tea Leaf" newsletter, including links to "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Teahouse/Host_lounge/Metrics"; and "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Teahouse/Pilot_report";. I also appreciated reading about the progress of India communications and community support. I would like to hear more about what the projected effects of these initiatives will be on the editor statistics in the global report cards, have the projections compared to actuals, and get updates on these projections and actuals each month. The amount of staff and financial resources that are invested in editor engagement (including development of the visual editor), and the importance of the outcomes of those efforts for the movement and Wikimedia Strategic Plan priorities, are of significant interest to me and I imagine to many other members of the global Wikimedia community.

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