Amir E. Aharoni, 11/07/2012 15:40:
And the possible change would be for wikitech-ambassadors to become a
medium-to-high-traffic, plain English, list for discussion between
developers and Wikimedia users, to report issues, share ideas and
provide feedback in unapologetically layman terms. The "Ambassadors"
part also means that users who are on that list will have a role in
disseminating information to their local communities, and reporting
back issues possibly raised on local wikis.

It was my initiative about two years ago to start wikitech-ambassadors
and that's what I hoped it will become. It didn't, but it's still very
much needed.

What's needed? We surely need ways to spread the word better and especially during the "emergencies" such as deploy a mailing list can be the way but surely it's not good for brainstorming or to gather feedback in a useful way (compare which is lately serving this purpose, to my surprise I have to say, thanks to the effort of some users).


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