On 7/12/12 10:42 PM, Matthew Roth wrote:
The Board expressed
its great thanks to former Board Chair Ting Chen, as well as outgoing
trustees Arne Klempert and Phoebe Ayers. Their leadership has strengthened
and nurtured the growth of the worldwide Wikimedia movement.

A brief "me too" thanking the outgoing board members for their great work. I've on occasion been skeptical of Wikimedia, The Incorporated Body (not as a movement or goals, but just in the way I'm skeptical of any growing, professionalizing/institutionalizing organization), but I think the Board over the past few years has put forth quite a bit of effort in making sure numerous stakeholders and goals are represented and reconciled. I'm most familiar with Phoebe's tireless work (which is truly impressive), but what I know of Arne Klempert's and Ting Chen's roles is quite positive as well. So, thanks!


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