2012/7/18 Cristian Consonni <kikkocrist...@gmail.com>:
> I know that the feature may be perceived as invasive so I would like
> that as many people as possible share their opinion on this and I hope
> that we can anyway start a discussion that will lead to an improved
> geolocalization system, whichever we found appropriate.

I am sorry to insist on this issue but having received almost no
answers in the past week I fear that I was not clear in my request.
But I indeed have some questions, so I restate them here:
* Using browser localization capabilities may be perceived as
invasive. Would you like to use browser localization tool in
Wikipedia? (yes/no, why?)
* Do you think the trade-off between bothering user asking to send
position information and potential benefits (more accurately localized
 messages) is worth?
* Are you happy with the current system ?
* Do you think a deeper study of the issue (i.e. a new survey,
conducted on a broader sample and in a more scientifically precise
way) would be useful or would help you make a more informed decision?
* Have you any further proposal for the use of the system?

Thank you, please also use the discussion page of
for comments.

Thank you,


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