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> 2012/7/18 Cristian Consonni <kikkocrist...@gmail.com>:
> > I know that the feature may be perceived as invasive so I would like
> > that as many people as possible share their opinion on this and I hope
> > that we can anyway start a discussion that will lead to an improved
> > geolocalization system, whichever we found appropriate.
> I am sorry to insist on this issue but having received almost no
> answers in the past week I fear that I was not clear in my request.
> But I indeed have some questions, so I restate them here:
> * Using browser localization capabilities may be perceived as
> invasive. Would you like to use browser localization tool in
> Wikipedia? (yes/no, why?)

Yes, I think it's invasive and Wikipedians can be quite sensitive about
privacy. (even if it's all in the browser, with JavaScript, etc.)   It may
not be the case everywhere, but the IP based geolocation is good enough for
purposes of geonotices.

Right now, we pretty much opt everyone into the geonotices, though each can
be dismissed or people can turn them off with css / js.  I think people
would freak out about the more precise geolocation and more would opt out.

(e.g. whatever happened with Twitter's geolocation?  as far as I see,
people don't use it much)

> * Do you think the trade-off between bothering user asking to send
> position information and potential benefits (more accurately localized
>  messages) is worth?

Not worth it.  Not enough benefit over the current approach.

> * Are you happy with the current system ?

Yes.  Obviously the UI for the geonotice tool can use improvement, and
would be nice to see more geolocation functionality in CentralNotice.

> * Do you think a deeper study of the issue (i.e. a new survey,
> conducted on a broader sample and in a more scientifically precise
> way) would be useful or would help you make a more informed decision?



> * Have you any further proposal for the use of the system?
> Thank you, please also use the discussion page of
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Geonotice#Open_questions_.28feedback_welcome.29
> for comments.
> Thank you,
> Cristian
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