The Olympic games are beginning soon. Apparently, ticket holders
cannot use photo equipment longer than 30cm and cannot use the photos
and videos for commercial purposes without accreditation.

Practically everything that happens at the Olympics is notable and
should be on Wikipedia, Commons, etc. Does anybody know whether there
are professional accredited photographers who are Wikimedia-friendly
and plan to upload their photos? If there aren't any, does anybody
know whether a Wikipedian can obtain such accreditation?

This doesn't concern me directly, but there are many, many people who
write Wikipedia articles about sports in all languages and it may be
interesting to them. Also, it may be a frequent issue in sports and
I'm just not aware of it because I rarely follow sports.

Sources for the restrictions:
* http://www.tickets.london2012.com/purchaseterms.html
* PDF: http://j.mp/london2012prohibited

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