>> Which means the answer is no: not all committee members have been
>> identified.
>> Cheers
>> Yaroslav

Hardly any are, including existing members. Those that are identified to the foundation are so because of other current or former positions.

On 24/07/2012 16:13, Béria Lima wrote:
The question is: They will?

(For disclosure, I'm a member of GAC - since the beginning last year - and
I'm identified since 2008.)

AFAIK, it's not been a requirement and it wasn't stated as a requirement in the call for (self-)nomination, which I was slightly surprised at initially but seeing as there's no access to either restricted permissions or non-public data[1], is thus not covered by the Access to nonpublic data policy[2].


(Disclosure: New member, identified 2008.)

[1] Everything is done on Meta
[2] <http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Access_to_nonpublic_data_policy>

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