2012/7/25 Thomas Souza-Buckup <thomassouzabuc...@gmail.com>:
> Lodewijk
> I agree with you. It makes a lot of sense to start now a negotiation with
> the IOC in order to prepare for the next Olympic Games taking place in
> Brazil in 2016.

The winter games in Sochi 2014 are supposed to be quite interesting, too.

> It may take a long time for us to see the first results and
> thereafter we should start asap a "more thorough long term lobby on this
> issue". Who else would like to join this task force?

Myself, because I care about free culture. (And for the sake of
fairness, since I started the thread :) )

But more people are needed - particularly people who know something
about sports, about commercial media and about lobbying.


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