Svip, 14/07/2012 16:04:
I love it when people who have no idea what they are talking about,  [...]

I love it when someone starts a thread like this, because we always talk about how horrible our wikis are and we end up with yet another shiny Magnus tool which proves how amazing and open they and their community are.

Back to the article, its value is shown by puzzling truisms like this: «Facebook -- and Twitter, and Tumblr, and similar sites -- have built followings in part because of their exceedingly simple interfaces. They are intuitive and, thus, inviting». Twitter is well known for being one of the websites with the most horrible interface ever, whose success relied on third party's apps – no need to comment. Facebook has been proved to be used more by necessity and habit than by appreciation, because it has a very low (and decreasing) user satisfaction but almost a monopoly (so far): <>. And frankly, user-friendly? I need more manuals etc. reading for Facebook than for our wikis, and I don't even use it.


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