> >>> Sources for the restrictions:
> >>> *
> >>> * PDF:
> I really can't figure out the difference between your example about
> personality rights  and my previous, so I don't see why you're saying
> that the above approch could not work, but IANAL.
> As I said above I think this restrinction on commercial use of the
> images imposed by IOC is not about copyright but is on a different
> level and AFAICT is very similar to the case of personality rights to
> some extent. So may you clarify?

There is a contractual arrangement between the IOC and the photographer as 
specified in terms and conditions on the ticket. If some one makes photos 
available commercially then they may be sued by the IOC under the terms of that 
contract. The issue isn't about copyright but about the contractual agreement 
and personal liability between the photographer and the IOC.

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