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> Subject: [Wikimediauk-l] [WMUK Board] Statement regarding Ashley Van Haeften, 
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> Hi all,
> I'm sending this statement on behalf of the WMUK Board:
> --
> As some members of Wikimedia UK will know, our Chair, Ashley Van Haeften, 
> user name Fae, has been the subject of sanctions by the Arbitration Committee 
> of the English Wikipedia (Arbcom), the volunteer committee that exists to 
> provide binding remedies to Wikipedia disputes. In particular, he has been 
> banned from editing the English language Wikipedia for at least the next six 
> months, after which he can appeal the ban.
> The Board of Wikimedia UK notes the decision of Arbcom.
> The Board is united in the view that this decision does not affect his role 
> as a Trustee of the charity. His work at Wikimedia UK has always been 
> enthusiastic and diligent. In particular, his knowledge of charity 
> governance, and his ability to bring about consensus at WMUK's board 
> meetings, have been particularly valuable.
> The Board points out that the editing issues were fully public before, and 
> during, the recent elections to the board, and were openly and publicly 
> discussed. Our membership placed their trust in him by electing him as a 
> Trustee. He was then elected unanimously as Chair of the Board. He continues 
> to have the full support of the Board.
> --
> Thanks,
> Mike Peel
> Secretary, Wikimedia UK
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